Original Faith United Methodist Church

What Are We?

The History

The Faith United Methodist Church had its beginnings in April 1922 as a dream of the people who lived and worked at the American Textile Company's mill village of ATCO. In April 1922, Reverend C. Jones Tyler, Pastor of Stilesboro Methodist Church, went to ATCO to hold a meeting. In that meeting the people moved to organize a church of their own. Atco Methodist Church, a part of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, was organized June 4, 1922. The new church was placed under the care of the East Cartersville Church (now known as the Douglas Street UMC).

At the Annual Conference of 1923, Atco was taken off the East Cartersville charge and placed on the Emerson Charge. By 1925 the American Textile Company, now Goodyear Company, built a church in the Atco Village where both the Baptists and Methodists would hold worship services together. The Methodist sermons were given on the first and third Sundays of the month, leaving the second and fourth Sundays to the Baptists.

The building of the church began in 1952. A four acre lot on the corner of Cassville Road and Goodyear Avenue was sold to the church by Goodyear for $1.00. The deed was presented by Goodyear to the church on March 18, 1952. By April that year construction began. With many volunteers, donations and dedicated church members the building fund grew from $300 to $37,000 within one year. The congregation held their first service in the new church on Easter Sunday 1953.

The incorporation of Atco Village into the city of Cartersville in 1962 created a desire to rename the church. Recommendations for names were submitted by the membership to a committee and the name Faith Methodist (submitted by Frederic A Harris) was selected. Thus the name officially changed in the fourth quarter of 1962 to Faith United Methodist Church!