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About Us

Welcome to Faith Student Ministries!

We are excited to see you have visited us! We are just a low-key-yet-high-spirited group of students eager to have fun and worship the Lord. We aim to know more about God, share the Gospel, and serve the community! 

Games, Devotion, Missions, Events, and More!

FSM has services both on Sunday and Wednesday nights. Sunday night we worship from 6 pm-7 pm and on Wednesday nights we worship from 6 pm-7:30 pm. We have missions both local and domestic, activities, games, movies, devotions, groups, and more! Please come join us to experience God and carry that enthusiasm with you throughout each and every day. 

A Safe and Fun Place for Students!

If you are a student or parent looking for a place to call home, we warmly invite you to come join us. We believe that the youth group should be a safe place for students to grow and that it is a sacred opportunity to reach out to an ever-loving God who wishes to connect with today's youth.  The Student Director, Pastor, and volunteers do everything they can to ensure a great experience each and every week for the students. Please come be a part of what FSM is doing!

beliefs and values



We believe in the Trinity --Father, Son, and Holy Spirit -- and that they are one in nature and substance. We believe that Christ is God's Son and that He dwelt among us in the flesh. We believe that Christ was born of the Virgin Mary and that He lived a sinless life. Christ died for man's sins and had a physical, literal resurrection. He came for forgiveness of sins and reconciled man back to God through the shedding of His blood. The second coming will take place in a future time unknown to us. We believe that man is born again through acceptance of Christ and belief that Christ was raised from the dead. We also believe in holiness. One must be walking in accordance to what he/she claims to be true. This was the message of our Lord, Paul, and even John Wesley -- that man must be conformed into the image of the Son. We hold these things to be true, and we rest in our salvation before Christ. 



Truth. We value the truth as set forth in God's holy word. We believe that the word is divinely inspired and that it teaches us the way to eternal life. 

Mercy + Compassion. Although we believe in Truth, we also believe in having mercy and compassion on all people. Preaching or teaching the truth without compassion and love is not biblical. We, as Christians, are blessed to have the truth and we desire to see all come to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. So, we desire others to come to our Lord through love and not fear. The purpose for this is to see authenticity in a person's transformation and not coercion through fear-mongering. We must earn the right to be heard and that is our goal -- to take the scenic route through relationship, so we can establish discipleship and longevity in a persons faith. 

Service. There is no doubt that we believe in justification and that nothing can be added to salvation. We do not espouse "works theology" and that a person can earn their way to heaven. However, we also believe in having "incarnational" faith and not just "proclomational" faith. This means our faith is active and a practical, spiritual faith lived out through our daily lives. 

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